Other Services

In addition to Colonic Hydrotherapy, we offer a number of valuable and efficient naturopathic treatments designed to solve an extensive array of health issues. You can book any of these services at one of our Montreal clinics.

Liver Cleansing

Price: $120
Duration: 1 hour


A number of specialized techniques designed that improve health through manual manipulation of tissues and ligaments promote relaxation, reduce pain, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Price: $100
Duration: 1 hour

Ionic Detox Spa

A unique naturopathic method that allows one’s body to absorb a large amount of negatively charged ions by soaking their feet in a specialized bath. Ionic Detox Spa is designed to provide fast and efficient body detoxification.

Price: $50
Duration: 30 min

Auricular Therapy

Price: $40
Duration: 30 min