Intestinal Disorder

The intestine is one of the most important organs of our body. At all times health has been the main value of human’s life. Work of your intestine has a great influence on your well-being and quality of life. Scientists proved that more than 90% of all diseases and pathologies in our body occur due to functional bowel disorders. Here is a list of the most common unpleasant consequences of wrong work of the intestine: Constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, stomach heaviness, indigestion, eating disorders, dysbacteriosis, colitis, colon cancer etc.

The intestine is part of the gastrointestinal tract that begins in your stomach and ends in the anus. It is divided into two main parts: small intestine and large intestine. The length of the small intestine can vary, the average is 6 meters. Its primary function is food digestion and nutrient absorption. The large intestine is shorter, it is 1.5 meters long. It plays an essential role in the absorption of vitamins and water left in undigested food, it also houses good bacteria that form a healthy flora in your colon, and passes waste material from your body.


The Problem

Stress, environmental pollution and quality of food influence the intestine. The modern diet is full of processed, fast and refined foods, unhealthy fats, heavy metals and artificial additives. Our digestive system cannot break down these substances. These undigested foods accumulate in our colon as well as fecal matters and dangerous toxins. All this leads to unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

A bloated stomach, for example, is not only the problem of your appearance or embarrassment caused by the need to run to the bathroom, but it can also be a signal of health problems lurking below the surface. Many people get diarrhea or constipation several times a year because of overeating, taking antibiotics or drinking alcohol. But when it happens more often, it can spoil your life a lot and again it signalizes you about something more serious.


Colonic Hydrotherapy

It is dangerous to ignore intestinal disorders. A healthy colon is key to your health. If you faced one or several of listed problems, we recommend colon cleansing. Colonic irrigation is not a new method of treatment. It was invented in Ancient Egypt. The procedure is safe and not painful. Clean ozonated water will gently wash away hard fecal buildups stuck to the walls of the colon, toxins, putrefactive bacteria and parasites from the colon. This, in turn, will renew your colon flora, increase absorption functions and strengthen the immune system. Colon hydrotherapy is an easy way to maintain your health, get rid of intestinal disorders and prevent colon cancer.