Excessive Weight

Excessive weight is a pressing problem for many people. This disease makes it difficult to enjoy your life. People who suffer from extra-weight can be frequently depressed because of dissatisfaction with their appearance. In addition, it has a range of very dangerous consequences for your body. Among them are:

High Blood Pressure

Your heart supplies blood to the cells of your body. Excessive weight makes it difficult for your heart to pump the blood and this leads to high blood pressure. It is known that kidneys help to regulate the blood pressure, but excess fat also ruins their work.

Type 2 Diabetes

When a person is overweight, his cells become resistant to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps to carry sugar from your blood to the cells of your body. When the cells are insulin resistant, the level of sugar in blood increases.


Extra weight raises the risk of this joint disorder. It puts additional pressure on your joints. It can also be a reason for inflammation. Osteoarthritis affects your hands, knees, lower back etc.

Pregnancy Problems

When a mother is overweight it is rather difficult to enjoy healthy pregnancy. Excessive weight puts the health of a mother and a child at risk.

You can not underestimate the danger of excessive weight. Normal body weight is the key to your health and longevity. However, the colon problems spoil metabolic processes, and this, in turn, leads to problems with weight loss.

Why does it happen?

During our lives, dangerous toxins and fecal materials are accumulating and stick to the walls of the colon and it interferes with absorbing vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream. You carry this waste in your colon and it creates many health problems and inconveniences. Some people who even don’t suffer from being overweight, complain they cannot get rid of the distended stomach.

Colon cleansing can improve your general health situation. We use clean filtered ozone water that gently removes fecal buildups, mucus and toxins from your colon. After the first treatment of colon irrigation that lasts up to 45 minutes, you can lose up to several pounds. The bad flora is washed away. Our clients ask us if the good flora is washed out also. Yes, partly. But when putrefactive bacteria and parasites are removed there is a chance to renew good flora in your colon. We give you a pill of Acidophilus that contains billion of cells and restock your useful flora.

After colon detoxification, you will have better blood circulation and a boost in energy. This helps you to exercise more and continue to lose extra weight. The absorbing opportunities of your body become much better and you get all the necessary vitamins. This reduces appetite and prevents you from overeating. The metabolism improves and it is well-known that good metabolic processes are essential in keeping a healthy weight.

If you are facing the problem of excessive weight we recommend you colon hydrotherapy. Our specialists always try to find a special attitude to every client. After you fill in the questionnaire at the first visit, we will discuss your situation, diet and habits and find the right treatment for you. This problem needs, of course, a complex approach. We recommend you to drink a lot of fresh water, keep a healthy diet, eat light after 6 and do physical exercises. Colon irrigation will improve your health and quality of life and it will be a good start to forget about being overweight forever.